What is Prior Art?

  • Prior art refers to scientific and technical information that exists in public prior to the effective date of a patent application.
  • Includes any public documents, such as: patents, technical publications, conference papers, marketing brochures, products, devices, equipment, processes and materials.

Main Purposes of Prior Art Search

  • To assess novelty and patentability
  • To market for commercialization
  • To update new technological trends
  • To monitor competitor’s research activities
  • To prevent infringement actions (validity, ownership etc.)
  • To find legal status of patent applications
  • To generate ideas for R&D
  • To avoid duplicate of research activities
  • To reduce significantly R&D investment
  • To develop new technical solutions to problems
  • To evaluate specific technology
  • To plan new products
  • To identify state-of-art of technology

Can I do the search myself?

Yes, and many inventors have become quite skilled at doing their own patent searching. We recommend that inventors use the Google Patents,, EPO, WIPO or US Patent Office website to conduct a patentable search.

If you do conduct your own searches, bear in mind that the analysis of search results can be challenging. It can sometimes be difficult to identify patentable aspects of an invention in light of similar prior art documents. In other words, a pessimistic inventor will frequently find a similar patent and despair that there is nothing patentable in their idea when in reality valuable patents can still be obtained.

You can also request that a search be done for you directly by the Strategic Inventor® team.

Why US?

Strategic Inventor®

Patent Domain Expertise

100+ Technology Experts : Covering Whole Range of Technical & Legal Subject Matters.

Worldwide Coverage

Strategic Inventor® hosts an experienced and highly qualified team of patent attorneys, agents, and technologists, who have performed thousands of patent searches for their client

Cutting edge Technology driven processes

Strategic Inventor® proprietary project and portfolio management tools enable it to track, manage and deliver projects in an organized and timely manner;

What are the different types of Prior Art (Patent) Search Services offered by Strategic Inventor®?

Basic Patent Search (DIY search – Our Patent expert would review your Search results and provide their inputs)

Professional Patent Search (A Quick search by a Patent expert)

Extensive Patent Search (An Extensive search is performed by a Patent expert and a detailed report is generated outlining the findings)

Get In Touch / Request Cost Estimate

Strategic Inventor® has search teams based out of Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and Hyderabad, allowing easy access and proximity to clients at the said locations.

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The Strategic Inventor® Application helps, enables and facilitates you to draft patent specifications on your own. It is an application and platform for drafting and generating patent specifications easily. Using Strategic Inventor®, you can file as many patent applications as you want with minimal effort and expense.


  • You can draft patent specifications in easy and simple steps
  • The application is User Friendly
  • Strategic Inventor® is a free application/platform and there is no cost involved
  • You can draft and file multiple patent applications on your own
  • The application has step wise instructions and videos to help you
  • You may seek patent attorney support or advice, for a fee, at any point with just a click

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