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You are now just a step away from joining strategic inventors, an exclusive group of patent empowered inventors!

All you need to do is: start drafting your patent specification using the Strategic Inventor® Application.

The Strategic Inventor® Application helps, enables and facilitates you to draft patent specifications on your own. It is an application and platform for drafting and generating patent specifications easily. Using Strategic Inventor®, you can file as many patent applications as you want with minimal effort and expense.


You can draft patent specifications in easy and simple steps
The application is User Friendly
Strategic Inventor® is a free application/platform and there is no cost involved
You can draft and file multiple patent applications on your own
The application has step wise instructions and videos to help you
You may seek patent attorney support or advice, for a fee, at any point with just a click

Made For:

  • Independent Inventors
  • StartUps
  • Universities
  • Researchers
  • Research Institutions
  • Businesses
  • and others seeking to Minimize patent costs and maximize patent filings
Patent Applications

About Strategic Inventor®

Strategic Inventor® is an initiative of BananaIP Counsels. It has been conceived, developed and made available as a part of the firm’s initiatives towards IP knowledge dissemination and empowerment. Through Strategic Inventor®, BananaIP hopes to enable and empower inventors and innovators draft, file and acquire patents by themselves, without much reliance on patent attorneys.

Value of Strategic Inventor®

An inventor knows her invention better than any one else, and if she learns the nuances of searching and drafting patents, she will be able to acquire patents effectively and efficiently by incurring only the statutory/government fee. More than 90 percent of the expense for acquiring patents may be attributed to the professional fee charged by attorneys, and this can be significantly reduced if the work assigned to a patent attorney can be done by the inventor herself. Patent drafting fee forms a substantial portion of the patent attorney fee, and Strategic Inventor® enables an inventor create a draft version on her own. Once the patent specification is drafted, the inventor may choose to file it on her own, or approach a patent attorney for review and filing.

Quality of Patent Specifications

Strategic Inventor® provides the tools required to make a good patent draft, and the inventor may use it to draft valid patents that may proceed to grant. However, it may be noted that Strategic Inventor® is not a substitute to the experience and expertise of patent attorneys, who can help an inventor get quality patent grants with broadest possible claims. Inventors may use Strategic Inventor® selectively based on the importance of an invention/patent. They may also use Strategic Inventor® to prepare first drafts, which may later be sent to patent attorneys for final drafting.

Who may use Strategic Inventor®?

Strategic Inventor® may be used by any person seeking to draft patent specifications on her own. The application may however prove to be more useful for organisations, businesses and individuals, who do not have the financial resources to engage experienced patent attorneys.

Strategic Inventor® will add significant value to:

  • Independent Inventors and Innovators
  • Professors, Researchers and Students
  • Start-Ups and Entrepreneurs
  • Universities and Research Institutions
  • Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Companies with small IP budgets

Expert Support

Strategic Inventor® includes the option to seek expert support, for a fee, during the process of drafting the patent specification. The inventor may ask for expert inputs at any point of time. Also, once the patent draft is completed, the inventor may request a patent attorney to review the same before filing the patent application. Other IP support services may also be sought at the inventor’s discretion.

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